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Each day we need an answer or help from a colleague.
Awaity sets an expectation of when you can receive an answer.
Increase team engagement.

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One who doesn't get answers loses interest.

Healthy communication is fundamental for a well functioning team. One who doesn't get answers loses interest. This has a significant impact on the business added value.

You can simply connect with Google Calendar.

Easy to integrate and use with a Slack Bot application.

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Eliminate communication bottlenecks.
Improve your response time.

Employees flooded with questions and unable to answer those in time often create communication bottlenecks.
Awaity can detect these bottlenecks and effectively eliminate them.

  • Dashboard

    Have an availability overview of your team members in one place.

  • Analysis

    Awaity is smart. Awaity generates team members availability predictions and analyses. Awaity prevents focus and work flow disruptions.

  • Time zones

    Awaity can also manage time zones. Easily coordinate communication and know when you can expect answers even when working in remote teams all around the world. Awaity will find the ideal time for your team meeting.

  • Extensions & Integration

    No need to change your habits and adapt to new applications. There are numerous extensions and integrations available for an easy-to-use experience. For instance integrations with Google Calendar or Slack.

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